These tracks are not an album. Just a bunch of things that have no home so ended up here. I guess they will have more friends join them sooner or later. None of them are mastered and they are not in any kind of chronological order. Free to download. for additonal info use the contact form.

Please do not 'hot link' to these files. if you want to post a link to the files please just link to the page not the actual file. Thank you and enjoy.


1 - assparaguspiss - written summer 2008 when i had the flu. hence 60 bpm and the title. lot's of MWXT, modular, logic's sculpture and sonic charge's microtonic

2 - roughadjust8 - 100% monomachine. mixed in logic.

3 - chop - a bunch of patterns from the monomachine edited in live, mixed in logic

4 - dirtytro - all logic synths + ultrabeat + filterscape + nitro

5 - slipnoose - remix for adcbicycle that didn't get put on the album but i think will be a bonus track somewhere. all samples from track #3 of his 2nd album

6 - 1996mix - breaky electro/dub track. mixed in logic. all sounds/sequencing in monomachine

7 - leadexcuse - part of the free content on the Daniel Hansson tribute release

8 - MD+friends - machinedrum. FR revolution, MWXT + a bunch of other stuff. jam session edited/pieced together in logic.


© steve westbroook

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